Personal Narrative: My Senior Year

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While I do not consider it a failure now at the time I was definitely frustrated with myself and considered it a failure. When I had to repeat my junior year I was mad at myself for not be able to complete the school year. As time went on I was able to focus on the positives in the situation and I was able to finally accept that I was not prepared for my senior year both emotionally and academically considering I missed so much school. If I did continue on to senior year I would not have been close to prepared as I am now for college. I ended up repeating my junior year due to the fact that I missed close to two-thirds of school due to a medical condition. (Since eighth grade up until now I have gotten five concussions some of them where I was knocked unconscious for several minutes. Not only did this…show more content…
My body ached, I stopped eating and tried to stop feeling by sleeping for close to twelve hours a day. Luckily my parents, god bless their souls, fought tooth and nail with me almost every day just to get me to sit up and get out of bed never mind leave the house. In the winter of 2014, I was diagnosed with clinical depression. As time went on I was able to get treatment and by late spring I was back at school. When school ended in June of 2015 I wanted to continue on to my senior with the rest of my classmates. I wanted to move on like nothing had happened but I knew deep in my heart that I was not prepared for my senior year. For a good time after the decision to repeat my junior year, I looked at it as a failure. I hold myself to high standards and I could I not believe that I would have this “blemish” on my record. I was angry at myself for even being depressed in the first place and I felt like I had failed the basic requirements of being a human being. I held this sentiment for a long time and what helped me changed my mentality was seeing myself successful and happy at
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