Personal Narrative: My Shasta College

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I am awakened by the bright light seeping through and around my black-out curtains. The clock on my night stand reads 3:02pm. I realize it is Thursday my night off from work and that I actually slept 6 straight hours with no interruption (that’s a record since I started working nights at the hospital). Still drowsy I toss my covers off and peel my listless body from the comfort of my cozy bed. I stumble down the stairs to the kitchen where I turn on my Keurig and realize it is “THURSDAY! Oh crap!” Shasta college classes start on “MONDAY!” I have yet to sign up for the fall semester. Once my cup of coffee has brewed, I grab my laptop from the kitchen table, make my way to the living room, sit down on the couch, open my laptop and immediately sign into my “My Shasta account”. Reviewing the availability of the online classes offered I quickly realize most of the classes are not only full, but students are signing up for the waitlist (in hope that the instructor will either over enroll or some students will drop the class). Feeling discourage, I finally stumble upon two transfer level classes that actually have available openings and that I still need to take. English 1C and Math 14 it is! Without much thought I quickly enroll in the two classes, pay my fees, change out of my PJ’s…show more content…
A few weeks in, I was feeling the heat. The pressure was getting to be too much. I was unable to focus my attention appropriately. I felt like I was living in a fog unable to think clearly. I was obtaining C’s for my poorly written essay’s (which was a blow to my ego) in my English class. I was unable to fully comprehend the math material being presented online. I had no fight left in me. The state of exhaustion I was feeling had me circling the drain. At this point, I knew I had to let something go, I knew I had to drop Math 14. I needed to focus on my health, my work and my English
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