Personal Narrative: My Sixth Grade

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Today, we are here with one purpose. We are here because sixth graders are graduating onto a new stage of their life. Everyone once started as a baby, newly born. Like newly planted saplings in an orchard, they are tended and cared by their caretakers which could be our parents and teachers. Parents and teachers help us step by step and stay by our side when we need them. Each and every sixth grader is here patiently waiting to graduate one by one.

I didn’t start at this school like many other students. Even though this is only my second year here, I had some amazing experiences at this school. Last year, on my first day at this school, everybody welcomed me and I immediately had new friends. They gave me a tour of the school and taught me everything I needed to know. In a matter of time, I knew everyone in my class. The most exciting event that had happened in fifth grade was science camp. I got learn about wildlife and nature. Sixth grade came along soon enough. It was long and hard but I eventually got used to it. I managed to get gold honor roll. It wasn’t all that boring. I still remember the time when periodically, a spider or cockroach would crawl in the classroom and my teacher, Ms.Locicero, would lose it. Sixth grade is now coming to an end and we are moving up to seventh grade. …show more content…

I wouldn’t have ever gotten this far without the help of my parents and teachers who have taught me all the basic subjects in school and help me improve in certain areas. We have our ups and downs, but now we are here today, fully grown sixth graders waiting to

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