Personal Narrative: My Skiing

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Memories flood back. It was all for me, the dancing, the singing, all the people. I couldn 't stop smiling, no matter how many hands grabbed at me and all the security guards surrounding me. All this was amazing, but only I know what 's coming. I’m 25, traveled the world, won gold, and have lived my dreams. I pass posters and signs with my name scrawled across them, ‘ Nancy Greene our Hero’ and another ‘long live our ski queen’. Now I am in a garden, at the centre of a small building at the ends of the crowds. It 's filled with gorgeous flowers, tropical plants, and fluttering butterflies. I turn to the right where two small wire chairs sit facing each other. Cameras and lights are lined up flashing at the chairs. I am…show more content…
I 've never finished a season without feeling that I 've improved in my skiing, but it those singular events that I have stronger low and high feelings about it.” “ Are you excited about next season? What do you think it has to offer?” “ Well I look forward to the next chapter in my life, as there as of right now there is not next competitive skiing season. The decision to retire wasn 't difficult. I had set my goal of winning Olympic Gold. I soon realized that the fun of it was getting there. Staying on top was going to be lots of work and not much satisfaction. I said to myself ‘there is nothing left for me in the racing circuit, but lots of me to achieve beyond racing. I am planning to do more for the country that has helped me so much, I am planning to start a family, start a new career, using my knowledge to help other Canadian do what I did. I achieved my goal, and I want to thank Canada for helping me reach it... It 's funny to call it retiring, I feel like I am

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