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I Skyler Pifer Captained my boat to East shore of baseline lake, Pinckney MI on the 4th of July. With family and friends aboard to enjoy the band on the water an each others company. We arrived approximately 2:45pm after securing the boat I left to walk around to socialize, after 45 minutes I returned to my boat to find our rebel flag removed from the canopy. I was told by Melanie McIntyre a group of men came by an told them to take the flag down, I being appalled immediately placed the flag in its original position on the canopy. With no immediate threat present I left an returned to walking around the sandbar enjoying the band an nice weather. Another 45 minutes passed approximately when I glance over to see a distressed expression on Shane roads face as he looks over to me an says "where have you been?!". Being alarmed I walk briskly to my boat to find a stranger on board uninvited aggressively trying to remove the flag from the canopy. He was 6 '1" mid build 180lbs dark hair an tan with facial hair mid 20s maybe. I then board port side over the rail where 2 men were wrestling with Shane roads, I tried…show more content…
So I stood up an moved onto the next antagonist. There was kids (2,5,9,13) an woman onboard at this point so I go over the side of the boat willingly but I was pushed over additionally. The closest guy was Aaron J Gagala an 2 other guys looking to board. I just wanted to take the fight off the boat for safety of minors an woman. At this time I fought Aaron J Gagala short, white, forearm tattoo of trees, above average build an some other guy beside the vessel where I boarded the boat earlier. Shortly there after one of the original trespasser/attacker from the boat come from behind me striking the right side of my face with a closed fist then placing me in a side choke hold an attempting to hold me under the water,

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