Personal Narrative: My Sniper Day

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It was a good day during the winter, and me and my friends all wanted to paintball. So we all got geared up and went to the field to get ready to play capture the flag. So I got on the blue team, and got into my sniper position. Which isn’t very far from my flag. So the first person I saw was about 100ft away. So I took my first shot, and I hit him right in his face mask and he called hit. But I shot another at his face mask again and cracked his face mask. So he had to wait until the second round starts back until he could play again. But I really wasn’t worried about breaking his facemask, because I had bigger problems. I had to get away from my from my sniper post and move to a more safer place. Before I knew it I run into two people that…show more content…
But there was only one problem there was 3 to 5 people guarding him from the ground. So I shot the sniper out, and then I had to take some cover, and then i called in backup from my radio. But the I had remembered that I had my machine gun. So I shot everyone and took the sniper position, and then I shot everyone i saw in the face mask. Then I took the flag and took back to my base. And my team had won the match. Then we all decided to play free for all. Then someone said no head shots and no snipers allowed on light and heavy machine guns, and sawed off shotguns of regular shotguns or semiautomatic rifles. Whenever we shot the starter pistol. I had got my sawed off shotgun. The very first person I had seen had a shotgun. So I took the shot and the dude called hit.There were a few more shotgun people that i had come across few more shotguns. So I had took out all of the shotguns. So after all of the shotgun people were out there was a total of 20 machinegun people still left, and there were still at least 9 people still left in the game and i shot all of the people out. And i had won the last game. And after that we decided to go and play another a game called team death match. Team death match
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