Personal Narrative: My Soccer Team

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My soccer team practiced four days a week and had two games every weekend in 2011. We worked hard for two and a half hours after school monday through thursday and rested after school on friday. We put in as much effort as we could and it was finally paying off; we had made it to the championship game at a very selective soccer tournament, the Michigan Coastal Soccerfest. We were playing one of the best team from Indiana. It was a scorching hot day where you would sweat even if you were just sitting outside. The whole game was like a battle in the middle of the field. The teams rarely got a scoring opportunity or could break through the other team’s defence. It was a cycle of running back and forth, your team having the ball for a few minutes, and then having to defend as hard as you physically could for the next few minutes. “Ball! I’m open.” I yelled. A split second later Sophie kicked the ball; the ball flew over the defence, landing right in front on the 18 yard box. I sprinted as fast as I could, cutting off one of the defenders, and going straight for the ball. I took one touch, pushing the ball to my right. I planted my left foot right next to the…show more content…
We hustled to the ball, blocked shots, and tried to keep the other team on their own half. After five minutes the referee blew his whistle three times in a row, signifying the end of the game. We had one! I had scored the winning goal, the tournament winning goal. I was beaming as we ran over to the sidelines and shook the other team’s hand, wished the good luck, and congratulated them on making it this far. Looking back, it was my team’s work ethic that caused us to win the game. For weeks and months we had been practicing extra, working our hardest in practices. I gave up free time after school, on the weekends to try to be successful. I had such a hard shot because of all the work I had been doing. Hard work does pay off, and hard work wins
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