Personal Narrative: My Socioeconomic Identity

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Socioeconomic identity Socioeconomic is a status that people put on each other based on their income, education, wealth, and place of residence. I never actually knew what my socioeconomic identity was. I never though it mattered to much. Probably because no one ever talks about it so in my mind it never existed. I was a young age though when I finally found out what my socioeconomic identity. Socioeconomic is important but it does not define someone.
My Socioeconomic identity I never knew my socio identity because no one ever said anything. When I was younger though I figured I was lower than my friends just because they had nicer houses and nicer things. Even though we lived in the same neighborhood we still had different things. One thing I noticed as I was little was my friends had those expensive baby dolls and I did not. Another thing I noticed was my others friends who did not have a lot of the things I did in result they stole things from my house. My socioeconomic identity is still blurry and I’m not too sure where I stand on the scale but I know I don’t make much and neither does my family. From watching the video in class though it came to my understanding that my family are part of the working class.
My Dreams As a little girl I wanted to be the typical super star and be on tv. But when I
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We have to know what it is they need help with. Social workers are there to help others with all kind of problems they face including money or education. Social workers don’t judge your clients they help them and try to understand where there coming from. Social workers help others become better. I will help others by not judging even if they seem really poor or uneducated. I am there to help not judge. I want them to feel comfortable, and not have them thinking I’m judging them. I know I say this a lot, but I really believe social workers are what keeps everyone in shape and
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