Personal Narrative: My Softball Team

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I watched as the batter stepped up to the plate. My coach pitched the ball and BAM! The softball hit me right in the knee! My softball team had a tournament coming up for Minnesota schools. Since Osceola is close to Minnesota we were a part of the tournament too. The Monday before the tournament my team had practice to prepare! I wanted to show my coach I could play catcher the whole tournament so I wanted to practice well. My dad and I left a little bit early to go to that practice. The field was dust because it was kind of windy. The wind was warm and the day was sunny. I sat on the little hill for a few minutes until one of my teammates came. Our coach came about five minutes later. Once everyone showed up our coach told us what we were going to be doing that practice. He told us we would be practicing batting, fielding, and catching pop flies in the infield and outfield. I was excited about fielding so I could practice playing catcher. Our pitcher started pitching a few as our coach was watching. Our pitcher wasn’t doing very well so he sent her to go get in line to bat while he pitched. When he started pitching the first few were either strikes or someone hit it.…show more content…
I tried to catch it but I got distracted by the bat almost hitting me! My knee felt like It just got stabbed! I didn’t start crying right away because I was still in shock. A few seconds later I fell onto home plate. Everyone rushed over to me. I saw everyone huddled around me with worried looks on their faces. Everyone was asking if I was OK, but I didn’t answer because I was in so much pain. My coach had me walk to the dugout and poor water on my knee while he got me an icepack. I put the icepack on my knee but it felt like my knee was on fire! I called my dad to come pick me up. Once he came I tried to stand up and I could barely move my
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