Personal Narrative: My Son's Learning Disability

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As a parent, it was very hard to hear my child had a learning disability. The first thought that crossed my mind was how will he cope with this, how will I help him to cope, will he have the right support system to overcome the obstacles set in front of him? I had so many questions and not enough answers. I needed a support myself, so, I could get my son the resources he needed, and clearly his school wasn’t equipped to help me deal with everything my son needed. At the age of four I noticed something was different about my son. The preschool my son attended taught the children what they would be learning in kindergarten starting at the age of three. At the age of four, I spoke to one of my child’s teachers about evaluating him. An Individual…show more content…
His vocabulary and ability to grasp concepts is outstanding. My son is emotionally mature and he is very aware of himself. However, doing homework with my son is a struggle every night. My son brings homework home Monday through Thursday and we both dread it. Each week he comes home with math daily, twenty- two spelling words, seven vocabulary words, and reading for thirty minutes each night. Thursday night was no different. We started at 4:30pm; I started with the most difficult which are usually the spelling words he will be tested on. I started with the previous fifthteen words as a review from Monday through Wednesday and then preceded to the last five words. After I reviewed the twenty words with him verbally we practiced the words on a dry erase board as a mock technique similar to a spelling test at school. Like many other dyslexic children he commonly confuses the letter “b” with the letter “d” while writing and has a hard time sounding out the words ”Overcoming Dyslexia” (2003). Together we looked at the words he got wrong. I wrote the words on a flash card and had him trace the letters with his finger while saying the word. He repeats this motion for about two minutes and then we proceeded to the next word. We repeated all twenty words on the dry erase board about ten times before he was able to correctly spell eightteen of the twenty words. After this I gave him a five minute break. Next, we
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