My Trip To Florida-Personal Narrative

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It was my seventh grade year. We went down to Florida for my sister’s senior year spring break trip. It was nice to have my parents, my sisters and me all vacationing together; we were sure to have a good time. We were staying at a resort in Kissimmee, Florida, a couple minutes away from Orlando. We had many activities planned, Disney parks, downtown Disney and my personal favorite: Cape Canaveral.
It was April 5, 2010, 2:30 AM. *Alarm.* I don’t think I have been this eager to get up that early before. “Jess are you awake?” my mom yelled from another room.
“Yes mom I’m awake.” We met our friends at Cape Canaveral. The drive was about two hours long. It seemed like forever. I was anxious and nervous for how it was going to play out. How loud was the space shuttle going to be? How intense? Was a complication going to occur? I remember my sister saying “You’re going to be able to see the sound waves move across the water, feel the ground shake, and the sound takes about 30 seconds to hit you” That made it even worse. The question how intense popped back up in my head. Was
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Of course the traffic was never ending. The two hour drive home turned into four hours. The traffic was awful but it didn 't help we got lost two hours out of our way. The whole time I thought to myself, there is people in space right now. No gravity. No air. It is just a void of space; hundreds of miles away from Earth and billions of miles away from the nearest star. I started to get jealous of them. I wanted to be them. How cool would it be to be an astronaut? I remember telling my family that I wanted to be an astronaut some day. Their response? Well you 're out of luck. This was the second to last launch since they are shutting down their program. I didn’t let this stop me. I was astounded by everything. It was like I was in an “aftershock” after the earthquake. I kept reliving
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