Personal Narrative: My Status As A F-1 Student

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To whomever it may concern,
I am writing in regards to reinstate my status as an F-1 student. I am currently attending Brigham Young University-Idaho and perusing a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. My academic standing at this school is good; and as a full-time student I am working diligently to receive a degree. I previously attended Huston Community College, in which I received my associate’s degree in instrumentation. My F-1 status was terminated without my knowledge. I had done all the necessary and required paperwork for them to forward on my 1-20, however the neglected their obligation, to send on my information. At this point the matter was out of my control; I was misinformed that first they would send it on to my undergraduate school, as I had done everything in my power to transfers my
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The problem arose when I was preparing to find work on campus, to supplement some of my educational costs. I went to the international office to pick up my I-20 which was not available to me because they didn’t receive it through Sevis. Immediately I was shocked and began to phone the other school because my status was in limbo, or could have already been terminated. I found out that it had been barely terminated by Huston Community College because I was no longer a full-time student there. However, I still fulfilled my requirement of being a full- student through a different Brigham Young University. After hours of back and forth phone calls Huston Community College released my I-20 to Brigham Young University, and the international advisor on their end Mr. Kalackrel admitted that he had not sent the document. I am luckily to go to a school that would work with me to get my I-20 reinstated. I have shown in the past exemplary academic progression, and have never once fallen out of status with my I-20. I have never committed a crime and have been in the United States for approximately five years now. Upholding all the conditions
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