Personal Narrative: My Stitches In My Life

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I have gotten many stitches in my life but I am going to talk about the the first time I got stitches. It was when I was 11 years old, there was school that day in fifth grade. I woke up and told my mom I don't feel too well, so I stayed home from school. I got my legos and started building my car, I never liked using the instructions, I just made my own creations. As I was playing with my legos my knee went over a nail in the floor that would not go down there was blood everywhere. We had two cars but hit a deer with one so now we only one car and my dad has it at work with him. My mom called my dad and said Hunter cut his knee on that nail and needs stitches. My mom worked in the OR at the time and my dad worked about 40 minutes away from the house.
While waiting for my dad to get home my mom put a washcloth on my knee to to stop the bleeding. About 30 minutes later my step dad got home, at the time I was living in Huxley so
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We all got in the car and drove to the hospital, when we got there they were packed so it took a very long time. My grandma was working at the same hospital. She met us down in the waiting room. When we finally got in the they gave me a shot that hurt a lot the doctors said that they gave it to me because there was rust on the nail. They said to my mom that it would be awhile before I get help so they gave me a iPad and turned on the TV. Later they came back and the doctor came up too my mom and said it will only be about 20 more minutes and also the wound is so deep that we need to put two layers of stitches in. When they finally came back in they gave me another shot they said this one is going to make your body feel num. They came back ten minutes later to put the first layer of stitches in. Then they put the second layer of stitches in and I could feel them pulling on the string in my knee. Wial they put in the stitches they let me play on the table and listen to music. When they got done they said
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