Personal Narrative: My Story Of Snowboarding

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Disclaimer: This story is realistic-ish fiction

It nearly cost me my life. To become the world snowboarding champion, it takes a lot of practice, but mostly time. I got where I am today by hard work and sacrifice. In the championship, I broke both of my legs, but that’s a story for another time (or paragraph.) Snowboarding down a slope 20 times a day, 4 days a week is what it took. It was a long road, but here I am today and this is my story.

I won my title by working my way up the ranks. Tournament by tournament I climbed, and I almost quit twice. It wasn’t just the minor injuries, but with all the snowboarding I didn’t have time for much else, I was pretty much a washed-up manchild with a beard. In time my life got better, and I was able to shake off snowboarding, see it wasn’t just a hobby, but more of an addiction. The thrill,
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One thing I can say is that the training paid off, I had a few close calls, but I got to the championship. From there was a nightmare, after only an hour every fiber of my being called out to stop, but I kept on going. To win I had to pull off a crazy maneuver I knew I couldn’t do it, but I had to try. The thrill was fantastic, but I could feel the snow like it was penetrating my skull. I managed to land it, and win. Later on though they detected some issues in my head, so all I know for sure is that it was a while before I’d be able to do anything like that again.

After two months I got a call, it was a doctor. He told me that nothing was wrong, and that whatever was there before, was gone now. Two years later I got married. Now, ten years later, a new champion has been crowned, and I wish the best for him. There are just two things I think, I hope he will not push himself nearly over the limit like I did, but more importantly I will always consider myself the world snowboarding champion, and that’s all that matters to me and my
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