Personal Narrative: My Strengths As A Writer

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My strengths as a writer are being able to come up with a lot of interesting topics and getting it on paper but I have challenges when it comes to organizing my paper and trying to tie all the topics together. Based on the feedback from my papers I would say there are many areas I need to work on for example grammar, punctuation and spelling. For me, it is many areas that I need to work on like grammar and spelling I have always had some complications when it came to those two things so I really try to make sure I continue to work on it. To improve my skills, I am going to take advantage of the Grand Canyon Universities writing center and also the tutoring center this will be beneficial to me because it will help me get stronger in my writing and to also get more feedback that will help me grow even more in the areas that I struggle in.…show more content…
While attending high school and college I have written a lot of different papers, especially in college my favorite type of essays to write are personal narratives or auto biography 's these are my favorite two essays to write because there is no being right or wrong since it is about your personal life and
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