Personal Narrative: My Strengths Of A Writer

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As a writer one of my two strengths are coming up with a story. Whenever I write I tend to have an idea on how I want my story to start and finish. I imagine what I want to write by putting my story in point form, gathering the necessary research before I move to completing the story. I feel organization and planning is important and effective to have a good essay. Every time I write I am constantly proofreading my work. If the sentence sounds to sounds good, then I move onto the next sentence. My second strength as a writer is that I am very I am detailed and I get straight to the point. I don’t want my readers to get bored or get lost about what I am trying to write about. I try to write from the perspective of a reader. If I can read my essay without being bored of questioning what the point or purpose of the essay is then I believe I have done a good job. The fact that I proofread every sentence and even every paragraph after I and done writing helps me structure and figure out what is important and no important in my writing piece.
As a writer or in anything you do there are always weakness. My first weakness as a writer is that I find it hard to find the right words to use. I find it hard to start writing my opening to any paragraph. Even though I have the
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This is a bad thing because writing Is one of those things that you must pay full attention and have 100% concentration towards. Most writers travel to a remote area so they ca have full concertation and less distractions while writing. When you get distracted one can easily make silly mistakes such as spelling and grammar. These mistakes are the most common mistakes I make when I am distracted. Due to this weakness whenever I am ready to write I either lock myself in my room away from distractions or book a room in the library. These two options are very effective and have proven to work so far for
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