Personal Narrative: My Strengths Quest

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Strengths quest really hit the head on the nail with achiever as my number one strength. I relate to almost every aspect of this strength. Having ADHD, it is important that I try to eliminate as many distractions as I can. I spend so much time studying and I always do it for long periods of time. My usual study session lasts three hours and somedays I do multiple study sessions. I value really getting to know people and really care about what they tell me. In all the work that I do, I strive to give my best impression and always give my all in everything. I also never settle for less than my best. My second strength was learner. This is apparent in my choice of majors. Finance and Political science are as different as they can be. I enjoy…show more content…
I am perceptive to each individual’s emotions, strengths, and weaknesses. I also would be a motivating leader. Because I am such an achiever, I want other people to find their place to succeed and flourish. I want people to achieve their goals and full potential. Strengths quest decided I had no communication’s strengths in my top five. I do believe that my strengths do include communicative elements. I have a way with connecting to people on a deeper level and I could never do that without any kind of hidden communicative strength. My ABCD of strength-based leadership: Apply your strengths. Do not let your strengths go under the radar. Be able to use them in every task you do. If you use your strengths, your work will improve. Be open to listening. Every individual is different and will offer new insights into life, work, and problems. By listening to people, we are able to learn other’s strengths. When we know others strengths we can defer and give people work that utilizes their strengths to their full potential. Capitalize on your strengths. Use the strengths to gain the most for yourself. Find a career where strengths are used so you can succeed. Delegate work according to strengths. Do not let people’s strengths go unutilized. People’s best work come from utilizing their own personal
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