Personal Narrative: My Struggle With Cancer

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My struggle with cancer started as a 19 year old freshman attending community college in southern Nevada. My Diagnosis blindsided me, with the force of a 240 pound linebacker. It was safe to say that I was not ready for “it”. My five year struggle or as I like to call it, “battle”, with cancer was no less painful or blindsiding. Every time I thought I was near scoring a touchdown against it, it seemed to hit me even harder, just where and when I wasn’t expecting “it”. It was 2014 and I was told that I had been “cured”. I was Leukemia free, I had been freed from “it”. Unfortunately, six months later, “it“, came and blindsided me once more. I did not know if I could recover from this, but I still wanted to fight back. I knew a new battle had

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