Personal Narrative: My Subculture

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To begin with, I have never considered myself to be one part of a specific group, but more of a diverse group of “bubbles” blown together. My own bubble consists of concepts that I identify myself with, such as being Latina, Spanish as my first language, Basketball as my favorite sport, Food as something I enjoy eating, education which I am pursuing and funny videos which makes me laugh. My subculture is a subculture on its own. It is inevitable to keep to just one way of looking at media because of new information that comes out each day. I tend to enjoy watching concepts that would not be ideal within my culture. As a woman, I was forced to watch cooking shows to later enforce my cooking skills. It was also frequently shown that television…show more content…
In contrast, when I look for information for a paper, I rely more on my computer because I know it will take some time. Even with apps such as Facebook, I do not consider myself a media addict. I do not have a Twitter, Instagram or Tinder account. The only app that I could say that I actively use is Snap chat because it is interactive. I consider myself still “Ancient soul” in the sense that I would rather talk to people on the phone than text. although texting with emojiies does reduce my conversation in both longevity and effort within my conversations. I have used things like Skype or Facetime more often than texting because I do not like waiting for a reply that I need in a time sensitive manner. I never had the time to look at a television, so most of the entertainment media I use is through my phone. I can tell that my subculture is dissimilar from others because I rather watch shows that give me a sense of purpose than reality shows were the culture is violence and belittling individuals. I disapprove some forms of entertainment that gives alternative facts because they cause unnecessary fear. There are news outlets that post misleading information that can cause trouble for the community. For instance, within the Latino community there was panic with the news stating that Trump wanted to deport everyone and was doing so. Recently, in Chicago at the redline train station there was a bag check due to a suspicious bag that was left behind and the word of mouth stated that ICE was taking individuals which was a false
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