Personal Narrative: My Surrounding Environment

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Surrounding environment plays a significant role in shaping a person during their lifetime. My neighborhood plays a key role in building me and making a person that I am today. I lived in an educated, active and respectful environment. I was raised in a small town of India; where poor and wealthy, intelligent and unintelligent, hard working and lazy, and Hindu and Muslims reside together. However, part of my life I was raised in the USA, which shaped me similarly but in different ways. I was raised in the neighborhood where people grow up with one collective mindset that is education; it decides your future and your position in the society. My neighborhood had developed the idea of hard work to me during my childhood. I gained the sense of…show more content…
My neighborhood not only explained me the importance of education, but also shaped me to be a hardworking person. I usually noticed groups of hardworking laborers working on the construction site ignoring weathers such as cold, rain, or heat. They worked hard and risked their life every minute by climbing on the old wooden ladder, wet and muddy floors, sharp objects in the surrounding, and much more. Those laborers worked hard to earn livings and meet their families need. This working environment shaped me differently and encouraged me to be a hard working person. I realized that if these laborers can work hard with limited resources, then I can work hard with given resources. I learned that to get a better life, one needs to take the risk and work hard. I always tried to work hard whether it is studying or playing a game. Hard work did not only brings success in my life, but also brings confidence to me to face this world. My hard work was always reflected in the form of my grades and other achievements. Similarly, when I came to the USA, I experienced new and different neighborhood around me. I struggled every minute but came over it by working hard. This busy environment and neighborhood shaped me to work hard to achieve my
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