Personal Narrative: My Tattoos

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In December my friend had just come home from the marines on leave. We had recently planned on going to get tattoos and we picked our tattoos and went and got them. My tattoo is about hunting and describes my life really well. After a few days had past and the break was coming to a end I was wondering what people would think of me? I had heard story 's of people getting looked down on because they have a tattoo or not being able to get a job because they have ink on them. So those thoughts were going through my head also i had to see what people thought of me after i did it. For the first 3-4 months i had wore sweatshirts and long sleeves because it was cold. in February we had a dance in which i wore or short sleeve and in which people begin…show more content…
My look on my culture is being a outdoors man and being a athlete, The reason for me choosing this as my culture is because i play multiple sports such as football, Track and Power lifting. I also see myself as a outdoors man because i love being outside and i enjoy fishing, Hiking, Hunting. The things we do is listen to music and try to make the school a better place because we are one of the trophy heads of the school. If a athlete does something wrong its like a car left in neutral on a hill headed straight for a lake. That is why athletes try to set a good example but you always have a few of those who cause trouble and give athletes a bad rep. Being a outdoors man you gotta love the woods, Gotta love to hike and be outside and seeing animals and birds, When you go hunting and fishing you gotta love being out there even if you don 't get anything because that 's part of what it is. Consequences of not fitting in you would look weird. One example is like when one of my teachers went to get a oil change and country music was playing, so the first thing he ask is if its Toby Keith when its no where close. At the end of the day i 'm glad to see that he made the attempt. It will seem like you 're trying to hard. Its not hard to fit in the athlete profile. Rewards for fitting in is that you make tons of friends and tons of memories and you get in really good shape no matter what sport it is. Advantages of fitting into this culture is memories last forever, The lessons you
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