Personal Narrative: My Team Leader

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Less than 1% of the United States population decides to take the oath to protect this country. Joining the military was definitely the best decision I have personally ever made. I took that oath to be part of the 1% because I wanted to help people, I wanted to defend my country. I have met some pretty amazing people that have taught me more than I could ever imagine by joining the Army. One in particular is SGT Bryan Wigginton. SGT Wigginton has been my team leader (TL) since I came to the 115th MP Co in 2012. Over the course of four years I have been lucky enough to stick by his side and learn from him. Thinking about giving an award to someone was easy, if anyone in this world deserves to get an award for being the best TL a soldier could ask for, it is SGT Wigginton. Being a TL is a great honor. It means that the Platoon Sergeant (PS) has proposed great trust in the person as a soldier and believes he can lead a team. In the MP core, a team consists of three soldiers, a TL, a gunner, and a driver. All three have important roles in accomplishing a mission but the TL is what shapes the team. Over the past couple of years SGT Wigginton has shaped me into a leader. He has taught me more than I can imagine. From how to shoot a weapon better, to important soldier tasks that will help me be a more knowledgeable leader so…show more content…
Soldiers do not get the credit they deserve nowadays, and they should, especially ones that deserve it. SGT Wigginton is one of those soldiers who deserve to get an award for what he has done for his country and for his soldiers. He has taken me under his wing and made me a great leader, like himself. I cannot thank him enough for everything he has done for me and taught me. I will always remember SGT Wigginton as not only my TL but as my role model. He earned the title “best team leader” and he deserves an award for
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