Personal Narrative-My Thanksgiving Break

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Thanksgiving Break The main thing I did over my thanksgiving break was hunting. It was Bob Carter, Andy Carter, Wayne Woulsy, Willy Carter, and I. We started duck hunting on Wednesday on the 23rd of November. Are first hunt we saw a bunch of mallard ducks light on a pool east of are blind. We killed 1 wood duck and 1 wigeon duck. The second hunt on Thursday on the 24th of November. This hunt we had Brent Woulsy and he had his 12 gauge benelli. We didn 't get anything because we 're terrible shots. I had to buy a new box of shells that cost 15 bucks. If we could use lead shot we could have twice the ducks we 've already got. The third day we did a lot better. We got 5 duck one mallard, 3 wood ducks, i green wing teal duck.

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