Personal Narrative: My Time At Lake Hamilton School

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My time here at Lake Hamilton School District has been great. It has taught me many things - some good things and some bad things. But when I think of the 13 years I’ve spent here, I honestly couldn 't imagine it being spent at any other school. Regardless of how much I may hate it at times it has been m second home. Lake Hamilton School District has been an amazing place to grow up overall, but sometimes it wasn 't so much fun. I would say 3rd grade was my worst year at Lake Hamilton. I had Mrs. Crabtree and let me tell you her name fit her well. I was never a great speller, but when I made bad grades on my spelling test she assumed I had a learning disorder and thought I could be fixed with a pill. The teachers and staff at this school are nice for the most part, but the office staff and counselors at the high school are the worst. Anytime time I go to the office I get an attitude and feel I am interrupting the secretaries. I have never been able to go in to talk to…show more content…
Lake Hamilton School District has seen me grow from a nervous and excited kindergartener into an anxious independent young adult. Although the road to getting here wasn’t the easiest I have learned many life lessons along the way. I have learned that you will lose and gain best friends along the way. I learned the best friends you thought you could trust may eventually stab you in the back. I have learned that the boy you think you 're in love with in junior high may stop talking to you in high school. I have learned to always give people a chance because it 's the person you never thought you would be friends with that could end up being your best friend. I have also learned that coming from a wealthy family or being a star athlete can get you a long way and help get you out of trouble. One of the most important lessons I have learn is to stop caring what people think of you because there will always be someone who doesn 't like you and some people are always going to talk about you behind
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