Personal Narrative: My Total Calories

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Looking at the bar graphs from the past 3 weeks what stood out most was that in week 6 my Total Calories was a lot high than in weeks 5 or 7. I think this may have been because of a trip home to see my family where I consumed larger amounts of food and had food more available to me. I also consumed a significant amount of protein that week at 96.56 grams which is a big deficit between weeks 5 and 7 where I did not exceed 57.05 grams of protein for either week. My total carbohydrate intake during that week was surprisingly lower than weeks 5 or 7 and I consumed the carbs during week 7 with 279.26 grams. The amount of sugar I had during all three weeks remained pretty consistent with each other and I didn’t notice any big deficits. I usually…show more content…
Upon looking at macro-nutrients it seems that Carbohydrates are what I consumed the most of during these weeks and Fat was the least. I did not do this on purpose it was just how I usually eat which gave these results and for this month my results were mostly consistent if we exclude week 6. Week 6 was not the best week I’ve had eating wise and I need to work my consistency so that I won’t cause myself to gain weight. During week 6, I was also sick with a bad cold and that could explain why my eating habits were a little abnormal than what they usually are. I did not try and make any adjustments to my diet because I have not had the time or the resources to do so. If I could change one thing about my eating it would be portion control. I need to working on changing how much food I consume so I don’t end up over eating and consuming calories that I don’t need. As for my DRI during the past 3 weeks, I have been a little off with keeping it in its limits. Most of the time I can meet the DRI and not have many fluctuations but with week 6 throwing me off I can’t accurately say that I kept up with my DRI this

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