Personal Narrative: My Trip To A Baptist Christian Church

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I decided to go to a Baptist Christian Church. Up until a week ago I haven 't been to church in a few years. Growing up I would attend different churches such as Catholic, Pentecostal, and a Baptist. To be honest, I didn’t enjoy them as much because they bored me and I was sitting there waiting for it to be over. At the time I wasn’t really old enough to take in and appreciate the church for what they were, instead I would just attend these church 's because the people I was with wanted to go. I attended Cedar Creek Church because I was told that It was a fun and different from traditional churches. When I sat down and thought about church 's I could go to for this assignment Cedar Creek was one of the first ones that came to mind. I was told Cedar Creek was a fun environment an I know a few people that attend Cedar Creek so I didn’t feel like a stranger or an outsider, which was one of my fears going into this assignment. The Church service its…show more content…
As the service came to an end the band came back on the stage and started to play slow music. The man who grabbed the micophone in the beginning got on stage and the church prayed together. As the prayer ended the band began to play louder and they played one last song and the service was over. The feeling that I had after attending Cedar Creek was very positive and put me in a fantastic mood. After attending Cedar Creek church the first time I have gone as much as I can and I get frustrated when I have to work on Sundays because it means that I don’t get to attend the church service. Overall attending Cedar Creek was a fantastic experience. I kept telling myself that I should try and go back to church, but this assignment gave me a reason to actually do it. I attended Christian churches before, but they were older style churches where everyone dresses up the music that is played is dated. I have to say that attending Cedar Creek showed me that not all churches are the same and that there are more "modern"
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