Personal Narrative: My Trip To A Community Garden

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I was born because of the community garden on Gibb Street. My mother, Maricela, was a pregnant teen who thought everything would be better without me, but while working in the garden she met my godmother, Leona. Leona talked with my mom and she started thinking about not wanting me dead. She realized I could be the good person I am and how I could help other lives just like just like Leona did for me and my mother Some time ago, when I was going to the garden, I met a gorgeous lady, dark hair, a red lipstick, beautiful Asian eyes and a sweet perfume. She was familiar, her name was Kim. During the conversation I found out why I knew her, she went to the garden every single day and took care of her lima beans. I discovered that Kim has been going to the garden since she was 9. She was so beautiful that I couldn’t resist, so I asked her out. She refused. I was friend zoned.…show more content…
The government was taking over the land. Kim was very angry. “This garden is part of my life. They can’t do this!”, Kim said frustrated “We need to do something”, I said to her “Let’s go somewhere quiet, so we can think clearly about this”, She came with me and we agreed on doing whatever is necessary to save the land.
I asked some people and searched about it, I discovered that the government was taking it to build a new city hall. I thought it was ridiculous, they don’t need a new city hall and shouldn’t destroy something important to some people. We organized a strike and everyone went to the garden. There were more than a thousand persons fighting against the government to keep the garden. The strike lasted 3 days until the government surrendered, everyday people went there and shouted for the government to leave the garden. After we finished me and Kim got really close and started dating. We go to the garden everyday and our plantation is now
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