Personal Narrative: My Trip To A Meijer Grocery Store

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This trip to the store was different. I almost got into a car accident! On top of that, I started cursing out the person that almost hit me. I was starting to feel road rage. That’s when I said to myself, “If this next store don’t have them, then you need to take yo ass home because, you’re burning all this gas and you’re about to get your truck tore, up over some damn Twinkies!” As I was driving, I spotted a Meijer grocery store. I pulled up in Meijer’s parking lot. When I walked in the store, I went straight to the Twinkie isle. I didn’t want anything out of the store, but banana Twinkies. When I looked at the shelf, I said, “Meijer is prepared. They know how to keep stock.” They had three rows of banana Twinkies. I was so glad that Meijer carried the Twinkies. I bought four boxes of Twinkies. I was so glad that they had them, that I called Anthony before I could get home, to tell him. Before I could pull out of the parking lot, I had to get a Twinkie. When I bit into the Twinkie, it calmed my nerves and it relaxed my mind. Eating the Twinkie made me feel so good all over. I had to have another one. Eating the second Twinkie…show more content…
I realized that I was acting like a food addict! I drove from, east, to west, from city to city, spent unnecessary gas money, put extra miles on my van and my trucks, cut into my savings, spent bill money, and got upset, all for a stupid dessert. I didn’t like the person that I’d become. I was trying to figure out what was going on with me. I was feeling like I couldn’t help myself, like an addict strung out on drugs. Once I realized how much out of character I had gotten, that’s when I knew for sure that something was wrong. That caused me to start doing research on food addictions. I was blown away when I discovered that food addiction was real. That was the day that my eyes come open to that fact that people were not just making

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