Personal Narrative: My Trip To Aruba

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One of my best experiences with nature was my trip to Aruba on Caribbean island the past winter; it was the remarkable and joyful adventure. The geography and climate in Aruba are certainly the most important and attractive. While lying on the beach, I could feel the soft white sands between the gaps of my toes, I could hear the sounds of the waves, and I could smell the fresh salty air. The ocean gives me feeling of refreshment and calms me down. While I was climbing up on the mountain in the early morning, everything around me was silence, the green plants, tremendous trees, and flowers. They have committed to provide a healthy living environment for us. With regarding the article The Sense of Wonder that has written by Rachel Carson, she has revealed that it is significant to introduce children to nature and gain the appreciation for it by experience. I totally agree with Rachel's idea, but we should be grateful for nature at any age; meanwhile, I enjoyed the beauty of nature, I held a deep…show more content…
When the sun shined on my skin, and salty ocean water ran through my feet, I felt extremely close to nature at that moment. There were numerous of water activities that people could do, such as swimming, diving, snorkeling, water skiing, coasteering, and sailing. The snorkeling was the most excited and fresh experience for me. I found myself wandering off into the deeper water all by myself and had absolutely lost sight of any other people. I could just forget everything else, and the entire underwater ocean scene has presented in front of me. There were corals with different kinds of color, such as yellow, blue, and green. There were various colorful fishes swimming around me. Snorkeling was amazing that I could see reef sharks, parrot fishes, and sting rays etc. The underwater ocean was full of curiosities and made me keep exploring for
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