Personal Narrative: My Trip To Baxter State Park

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My dad had always told me stories about going to Baxter State Park. How good the fishing is and all the wildlife that is there. He had been there a few times and he’s climbed Mt. Katahdin before. He knows where all the ponds and rivers are like they are in his back pocket. After listening to all of my dad’s stories of Baxter, I was just itching to go. It was the end of June, and I finally got my chance to go to Baxter State Park. My dad and I have been preparing for this trip since February This week had been jammed packed with organizing flies and getting all the supplies into bins. Then put the bins into the car like a Jigsaw Puzzle. I’ve been waiting all my life for this day and it has finally come.
We left at the crack of dawn the next morning. On the ride up we saw a lot of moose, they were even on the highways which surprised me. It took us six hours, but we eventually made it to where we were staying for the day. There were two hours until we got to Baxter, but we aren’t booked until the next day. My dad’s friend has a house in Millinocket and he was kind enough to let us stay there for a night.
That next morning,
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We got there and my stomach felt like lead. The water was as clear as glass, you could hear a pin drop it was so silent. By the looks of it, Dean’s stories weren’t adding up in my head. We got to fishing, just as I had felt before, Dean’s explanation about what other people had been experiencing there, weren’t happening to us. Not one fish was anywhere in sight. I look up at the mountain on the other side of the lake and see a really dark cloud heading right towards us. Not even one minute after that it started to rain. We had to get off the lake so we weren’t in danger of being struck by lightning. The storm had passed and my dad and I were contemplating on whether or not to go back on the pond or to just call it a night. We decided to go back out and fish for a
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