Personal Narrative: My Trip To Blaney Elementary School

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You walk into a classroom and see two dozen kids with faces filled with joy. They sit eagerly waiting for you to open your book and begin the story. You’re making a difference and all you had to do was read. This is the type of opportunity I was given on multiple occasions by the Literacy Express Program. I started participating in Literacy Express my sophomore year with the Holiday Express in December. I continued going on trips until the last trip which was the State Read last week. In this essay I will discuss my experiences with the Literacy Express trips and my involvement in the community. Literacy Express allows high school students to read to elementary school students from different elementary schools in the district. I have been on a total of 10 of the 14 trips that have been offered over the past 3 years. The majority of my trips were taken to Blaney Elementary School and Doby’s Mill Elementary School. I went to Blaney when I was younger and Literacy Express gave me the chance to see my old teachers and the staff. It was so amazing to be able to read to kids that sit where I once sat. However, my favorite trip of all was always the State Read. The State Read gave us high schoolers a chance to deal with kids on a one on one basis. I liked this because I felt like I was really making a difference for them. I was able…show more content…
I have many younger cousins that I spend a lot of time with. I also have a job at the YMCA working with children. I watch children while their parents workout. I often play and talk with the kids as well. Every summer I also volunteer at a summer camp at my church. During this camp the kids play games, get exercise, eat, make crafts, and have devotional. All three of these things have involved me reading at some point in time. This relates to Literacy Express because I was given another opportunity to do something that is second nature to

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