Personal Narrative: My Trip To Bogota Colombia

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My most recent service immersion trip to Bogota Colombia has impacted me in ways I could not explain. Looking back on the experiences I had with the group and the relationships I formed, even more meaning surfaces from the trip. This was only my second trip, but the unique environment truly brings out and emphasizes the development of group dynamics. I not only learned from the new communities, but also from the group as a whole and from the members as individuals – each interaction having their own meaning. Lastly, I was able to learn from our wonderful leader and experience helpful leadership skills.
So much happens in the 10 days of service immersion and I can clearly think of examples of how greatly our group developed throughout the
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One behavior that I truly appreciated and think is vital when leading is checking in with the members. It helped form a great support system within the trip and aided in my ability to be open and comfortable with the group. This directly relates to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, which I think is extremely important for a leader to remember for group development. Also, going along with the idea of recognizing needs, our leader was a great example of servant leadership. They were always looking out for the needs of others and being that guidance and aid. This is vital because once needs and problems are addressed there is more room for reflection, dialogue, and inner personal growth to happen. Our leader was also a great role model for us throughout the trip in regards to being supportive within our community as a group, with the communities we engaged with, and fostering reflection. Having that time for reflection and having the opportunity to choose when one wanted to lead reflection really created a safe space that allowed others to go through their own process of becoming comfortable with the
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