Personal Narrative: My Trip To Burton Middle School

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Standing in that very moment beneath the bright lights, with everyone watching in disbelief, is the sight I will never forget, and the sensation of feeling total accomplishment. Everyone has a fear; the fear of snakes, spiders and so on. My ultimate fear was nothing like those kinds at all. My fear happened to involve a stage and my opposable “beautiful” voice as my family members would say. Yes, yes indeed I had stage fright. I was a thirteen year old seventh grader going to Burton Middle School. I absolutely have a love for music, but I somewhat couldn’t express that publicly. That is why I chose choir as an elective, to see if the class can get me out my comfort zone and for the start of it….it was not going at all well. I was still somewhat the shy type. Apparently, my mom had a discussion with my choral director about me. That’s when everything changed for me and within me.…show more content…
My mom urged me to sign up for as many clubs and activities for me to be more out there, but nothing stood out to me until she told me about the talent show sign-ups Tuesday evening. I was hesitantly thinking about it, but I knew deep down I was too scared to even say or sign a yes. I left to bed giving no answer to my mom and forgot the idea of it soon as I fell asleep. Next morning arrived, and walking into choir was always a good way to start off my day. At least so far that is what I thought, until my choir director came up to me and wanted to discuss the matter about the talent show.
“Breanna, I feel that it is a good opportunity for you to show your amazing voice to the people if you sign up for the school’s talent show.”, she said proudly. Listening to those words gave me a feeling of slight confidence, due to the fact that now I know I am showing progress of growth from my shyness.
Without hesitation or thinking in that moment, I told her, “Yea why not, where is the sign up

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