Personal Narrative: My Trip To California

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Over the summer, in August, I traveled to California by myself. About a week later, my brother (Austin) came by himself and a couple days after, my cousin Joseph flew over as well. We stayed at my aunt and uncle’s penthouse in downtown Los Angeles. Then on Saturday morning we set off to San Francisco in a rental car for 5 and half hours. The ride was super long but we had some beautiful sights to watch as we drove by on the warm pleasant day. We spent 3 days there exploring the Golden Gate Bridge, downtown Francisco and the Chinese Tea garden. Then on our way back to LA, we spent a whole day at Yosemite National Park. The park was just breathtaking with the sky high and steep mountains, oh what a view it was. We hiked a mountain half way and…show more content…
What more did I need? The fountain shows were absolutely beautiful. We stayed at 5 star hotel so I enjoyed just staring out a window which sounds boring but with the view I had, it never became boring. Las vegas was like Times Square, it was lively 24/7. All you could hear was music blasting, cars rushing by and millions of people talking and walking. There were colorful lights everywhere such as hotel signs so the strip really stood out. One day in Las Vegas, we went ziplining from one hotel (the rio) rooftop to its second tower rooftop. It was an open cart for a 2 seaters and I rode with my aunt. I was the most petrified living being on the earth at the time. I felt like the belt was insecure and that I could easily fall off. I was screaming random things to forget that I was ziplining on the top of my lungs, I wouldn't dare to open my squinting eyes. I was pinching my aunt’s arm so tightly, it started bleeding like squeezing ketchup out of a bottle. I was jumping up and down excitedly with the most relieved look on my face extremely happy that the ride was over and I made it back alive. The weather was boiling and I was sweating with drops sliding down my
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