Personal Narrative: My Trip To Cape Cod

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This summer was filled with great times and a lot of fun with the family. For example, my trip to Cape Cod, Massachusetts. It all started out at 7:30 AM and with me, I was my morning self wearing baggy sweatpants, and an out of control bed head awaiting to be tamed. My sister Sam and I gather our things before we head into grandma’s car for a trip of a lifetime. “Beep beep!” The sound of my grandma's car made us both rush ourselves outside. At the time, I didn’t know what I was going to expect going to Cape Cod because I had never been there before. All I knew was that the food was good, and you had to dress preppy. Sam and I hopped into the car after squeezing our luggage into the tiny trunk. I asked grandma,” How long is the ride there?”…show more content…
When dinner came to a close, we all headed down to the beach of the resort for a classic s'mores bonfire. I could taste the melted marshmallow that was slightly roasted over the fire to a warm brown ooze in between each graham cracker making the chocolate melt in my mouth. I felt the sand sink between my toes every step I took. We all had a great night together. Especially when we bring up sports. Every time we take a trip, there is one cousin that gets a pranking once in awhile. Instead of calling it a prank, we call it “ The Treatment.” This is filled with water dumpings, whipped cream, and loud awakenings. And this treatment is always targeted on the oldest cousin. I'm not saying it’s a great thing to do, but it sure is funny! The next morning, we head out for an omelet breakfast with bacon, and anything you could think of. After that, We get onto a boat and explore the beach. The tour guide takes us to a really fascinating group of seals. All being different sizes, I found them really cute and interesting to look at. In conclusion to my summer trip, I had the best time ever and I can't wait to go on another trip
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