Personal Narrative: My Trip To Cedar Glen

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On our trip to Cedar Glen, I learned many things that will benefit me in the future and help me make important decisions. One of the things I learned is group dynamics and working with other people. My group did many activities, such as logs and marshmallows, that taught us that we shouldn’t just focus on ourselves when completing a task, but also everyone in our group. In both logs and marshmallows, our group made sure everyone got to the other side instead of just themselves, the reason why we accomplished the activity is that we worked together as a team. I also learned that in a group, there could be people who lead a task, maintain a group, or focus on themselves. In low ropes and high ropes, we learned that you need to work together with…show more content…
Something that surprised me was when we did the personality inventory and I was placed into the fire group. I expected to be in the air group because their traits were calm and laid back while the fire groups traits were cut throat and heartless. Looking back I can see why I was placed in that group as I am clearly a cutthroat type person, sarcasm intended. Something that I learned that will help me with my future career planning is I’m not going to do anything that requires being in high places or during night hours because I have recently found out that I am not a fan of either of them. The trip was extremely worthwhile because I learned to work and communicate with other people that barely even knew. I also thought it was worthwhile because it helped me take a risk and do the high ropes challenge, which helped me step out of my comfort zone. This trip was relevant to SHSM because it taught us how to take risks and be safe while being active. I jogged around the camp o the first day and it helped me to admire the nature. In conclusion, I thought the trip to Cedar Glen was absolutely
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