Personal Narrative: My Trip To Cedar Point

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The day is August 4, 2015. Bing! “What time is it?” I asked myself, only to find that it is only 6:45. “Good, I need some time” I continue to speak to myself. I somehow manage to drag myself out of my ruby red sheets. I think to myself, I’m going to Cedar Point today. I shiver and shriek in excitement. I 'm positive today was going to be the day I ride Top Thrill Dragster. After all, it was only Tuesday, who even goes to Cedar Point on a Tuesday?

Me, that’s who. I groggily walk down the steps, being careful not to fall down. After all, we don’t want a cripple in the family, do we? I open up a new box of cereal and douse it in milk. I start to indulge myself in my delicious cereal, as my Dad walks down the stairs.

“Are you excited?”
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We all jollily got into the car and then I buckled my seatbelt. The car ride was exhausting, I couldn 't stop thinking about Cedar Point. It felt like i was in that car for years. But I looked at my surroundings, and all the farms and trees, because that’s all ohio is. We eventually arrived, and my mother dropped us off near the entrance. We had to wait in line to get tickets for Kira and Grace. Alli and I didn 't have to because we had season passes, which was pretty cool. We arrived at the window where they got a discount because of our season passes. We walked to the gates which were guarded by Gatekeeper, which flies over the entrance. Gatekeeper 's look is better than the ride, because in my opinion the ride is slow and forceless. I prefer the fast and intense rides, such as Maverick. But we walked under the concrete roof and entered the park. We then split up Alli and Grace went to god knows where and Kira and I headed off to Gatekeeper. I don’t like the ride, but not everyone shares that opinion. We rode the forceless tracks, and then headed off to Power Tower, Which we rode on both sides. This was my first time on Power Tower, so I was scared. We then headed off to Mean Streak, which was before the RMC retrack. Cedar Fair hasn’t yet announced the RMC retrack, but it’s going to happen. We then decided to ride some water rides because it was in the high 80s. We headed to Thunder Canyon, and saw Alli and Grace while…show more content…
We strolled past Iron Dragon, through Corkscrew, past Power Tower, and we arrived at the Destination. The entrance to Dragster was standing right in front of me. I paused for a second and stared at my doom racing past my eyes at speeds of 128 miles per hour. She then asked “Are you coming?” Unsure of how many minutes my doom was away. Puzzled, I stared at the sign for a couple more beats. It read “Top Thrill Dragster Race for the Sky” I then sluggishly walked into the line. Uneasy of where I was. My stomach started to feel strange. The fact that I had installed the front seat rule wasn’t helping. I had sworn to ride every ride in the front seat. Dragster was no exception. I was almost trembling in fear. The constant sound of screaming was making me very anxious. We were now in the station waiting in line for the front
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