Personal Narrative: My Trip To Corpus

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Last summer in 2014 me and my whole family went to Corpus, it was my first time going and seeing the beach. We also visit the aquarium and visit the animals. The other thing we did was dolphin riding my biggest fear. Then finding a big turle hit by a boat and save its life

In the summer my family and i went to Corpus to visit some family friends. On the way to corpus it was amazing seeing different kind of ranch animals. It was my first time going on a road trip to the beach. i have never been to the beach nor out of San Antonio. My family and i had a whole ton of laughs while on the road and had those family talks. My family and i took this trip because our family was breaking apart and we needed to talk a family road trip to see if it help to be out and about with each other.
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The first day when we got there it was dark because we had arrive at 11:25 p.m. So, my dad had decide just to go straight to the hotel and get some rest. The next morning my dad had woke up everyone at 8 to start the the day and go to the Aquarium and see the animals. It was my first time seeing sharks so close up and to pet them. While at the aquarium i turn to look at my mom and saw her smiling for the first time in forever.

The next day at Corpus we went dolphin riding. My father knew i saw scard of dolphins so he decide to get me over my fears. Once we got to the resort there was about 15 arqarium with dlphins. There was a lady there giving us insterctions what might happen and what to do right. Once i got on the side of the dolphin i had to told its fine but, right when i touch it the dolphin went crazy and took me down,I started to drown and was scared to let go . Then i got out the little pool we were in and just went straight into the car and left everyone because i was
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