Personal Narrative: My Trip To Dallas

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This year during college summer break, my friends planned a trip to Dallas, TX to visit the place, where former US President “John F Kennedy was assassinated. President Kennedy was shot dead on November 22,1963 by Lee Harvey, Oswald. Dallas is a three-hour long drive from Houston, TX. All of us were excited for this trip. The trip was a success as for all of us it was a learning experience, as we visited the historical landmark of US history which has influenced us all. Dallas, TX a famous city, filled with vast landmarks and high buildings. Great food and atmosphere, the people are warm and welcoming. During the 1960’s the city witnessed the death of our 35th President John F. Kennedy. It was a tragic time in the United States. The entire city was under panic. While driving around town we stopped near the famous Dealey Plaza, where Kennedy was shot, while observing the area which is known as the grassy knoll which is more like a sloping hill, a sight scene for the tourist. While walking near Dealy Plaza site, we all asked each other for our personal thoughts and opinions and how this trip has affected us in any ways. As it was the first time we visited Dallas and we were able to see the place where Kennedy was shot, for me it was a bit saddening moment as I have felt remorse for the Kennedy family to lose a loved one in front of their …show more content…

It sheds some light to the questions we had in our minds. The Assassination of President, Kennedy played a major part in the American politics and World history. For myself it was a fascinating learning experience, since history is becoming my favorite subject, maybe later in the future, I would share this experience with another individual who shares the same love for history similar to mine. And we should never forget the sacrifices people made to make this country great and safe for current and future

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