Personal Narrative-My Trip To Disney World

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It was a nice morning in Kansas and I was gonna get ready to go on a super fun trip to Disney World. The car was packed with items and clothing. Our neighborhood was very silent today, I had no idea why. We got into my aunts car because we were taking a plane. Once we arrived at the airport we got on our plane. The ride was very quiet I at some peanuts and pretzels on the flight. I was craving pretzels in the last two hours on our flight. While I was in the plane I could see some caverns and caves on mountains. When I arrived at the airport there was a music playing and the song was Watch Me Whip/ Nae Nae. Some little kid was dancing to the song and was running away from their parents. The parent caught up to the kid and said something about getting spanked if that…show more content…
After hours of fun I decided to go eat food. The food was amazing there I loved the park so much but it was kinda expensive. I saw this cool dish which looked really good. I desired the dish but it was too much money. Later that night I went back to the hotel and was ready for sleep. The next day we went to some shows and bought a lot of souvenirs at gift shops. We were gonna stay for 5 days but we are only gonna be here for four due to not having much money left. There was this one ride that was called splash mountain, the ride was a water one which left us soaking wet. Once we were done with some other rides we got food again. I tasted the best burger I had ever had in my life there. The next day my dad told me I should go on a roller coaster. I told I would but I was having second guesses. To get prepared I went on some other rides to try to get used to what the roller coaster would feel like. I got on the roller coaster with my dad I was patiently waiting for the ride to start which I wasn't ready for. The ride was the scariest thing to ever happen to me. The day we went back home I thought that the trip was a notable
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