Personal Narrative: My Trip To Disney World

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My parents always said that we will go to Disney World when Jack was eight. Well now he is eight and we still haven't went yet. I was mad at first because they said we would go when Jack was eight but we didn't. Well technically we did go when he was eight because we went a couple of weeks before he turned nine. See Jack's birthday and my birthday are in the same month. My birthday is 17 days before Jack's is. Mine is on May 1st and his is on the 18th. Dad's aunt, Aunt Marie, lives in Florida, in the same city as the theme parks. So while we're there, we plan to go see her and her family. She has a husband and two daughters. But we don't plan on going there right away after we land. So we get to the hotel and it's kind of late to go to a theme park, so we check out the hotel. The hotel is giant, it has a huge place where you go and order your food. You can order them from all these different places. It's not that continental breakfast, like at normal hotels. You can get pretty much anything…show more content…
There are four theme parks. They are: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney's Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom. There are so many cool things to do at these parks. My favorite one isn't really a ride but it is because it is a safari ride. At the Animal Kingdom park you can go on a safari ride and see animals that live in the ACTUAL SAFARI! How cool is that. The actual safari is in Africa. There was elephants, rhinos, alligators, lions, and much more. My dad said, "Pj it's your turn to decide what ride we go on next." So I said, that I wanted to go on the safari ride again. We already went on it once but I wanted to go on it again. The second time we went on it, we saw a lion. The first time we didn't see one. When we went over bridges I thought we were going to break through them. And under the bridges is were the alligators are. If we fell through that would be
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