Personal Narrative: My Trip To Dmacc's Transfer Fair

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I decided to go to DMACC’s transfer fair for my activity. I plan on transferring to a four-year college after graduation from DMACC and wanted to look at different schools that I could go to. The transfer fair was in building 1 on the Ankeny campus. Not only was half of the main area filled up, but so was the hallway adjacent to it. There were tons of schools I had never heard of before. The first table I stopped at was Graceland University. Their mascot was a bee and I was intrigued by it. However as I talked with the man representing the college, I realized it was very sports oriented. I am not a sports person. It also did not have my area of study, which is French. The next booth that I went to was for Central College. I love the Pella campus…show more content…
The last table I visited was Iowa State’s. This is the college I am most familiar with. My sister and almost all of my friends attend ISU and I visit them on campus a lot. I have been to numerous college visits and so I know my way around. When I stopped at this booth, they told me about ISU transfer program which I did not know about. Considering this will most likely be the school I will be transferring to, it was helpful. I can apply online and get benefits from being in their transfer program. Going to the transfer fair helped teach me more about different schools in Iowa. I’m glad I went because I learned more about these schools then I would have had I gone online. I talked in person with consolers who were able to answer specific questions I had regarding my major. I liked the transfer fair because it was at a convenient time for me and was laid-back. I could take my time learning about each school with no rush. I would recommend it to anyone thinking about transferring. It was beneficial to me and I learned new things about schools I’ve already been to. The transfer fair was a great experience for me and I am glad that I was able to attend
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