Personal Narrative: My Trip To Ernest Calderón Learning Community

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I did my ride-along on Friday October 23, 2015. My ride- along was fours hours long from 8 am- 12pm. I rode with the NAUPD with Officer Jake Brady. We did not get that many crisis calls. There was an officer in training, so whenever we got a call, the officer in training had to receive it. However, one of the calls that I got to partake in was a call about a person identified as a sex offender that was living on campus. We went to Ernest Calderón Learning Community because that is where the call came from. We received the call around 9:45 am. Officer Brady and myself walked around the inside of the building on each floor, as well as the outside of the hall. The officer in training and his trainer were with us as well. However, after about twenty minutes, there was no one that matched the description of the sex offender. One of the biggest safety issues with this call is the safety of females living on campus. If there is a sex offender living around them, and is still living near them, these females have a target on them, and could become a victim of sexual assault. The safety of the campus is an important issue from this call. As a school, NAU wants the safety of the students, and if…show more content…
If the NAUPD keeps receiving calls due to bicycle’s accidents three times a day from this one spot, I think NAU needs to fix this problem. Either they should fine the bump and get rid of it, or put a safety sign warning them about the bump. This issue will continue affecting other bikers, and skateboards (long-boarders) too. Also, if there were cars driving and the biker flew off his bike into the middle of the street, the biker injuries could have been worst. He could have gotten ran over, and possible could have been killed from the impact. This accident could have been worst, and if this safety issue is not fixed, in the future an accident like this could
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