Personal Narrative: My Trip To Fayetteville

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Hello Scott, Hoping that you are doing fine and well. Its spring here and the weather is getting better. Aleesha is growing up so fast but it only seems like yesterday that she was born. I was planning to be in Fayetteville after the Atlanta Poultry Expo and was wondering if you were available during that time? I would like to catch up with you if possible between Friday 29th January and Monday 1st February before I fly back to Auckland. I plan to come alone in this trip and would like to catch up with you, Dr Marcy and Pat in Fayetteville. I have couple of favors to ask of you. If it would be possible I would like to visit a Tyson plant around Fayetteville to fully understand the similarities and the differences in the between the 2 worlds, post primary processing.…show more content…
I believe that I am at a stage where I would like to explore other opportunities within the Poultry world. Tyson being the biggest player in meat processing, I was wondering if it will be possible to meet some people in Tyson who could assist me with this in the near future? I am particularly looking at areas of Business Integration, Strategic Planning and Operations with no particular choice of location. Please let me know if you feel comfortable doing this? Really appreciate your help and look forwards to catching up with you in January
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