Personal Narrative: My Trip To Frederik Meijer Garden

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Japanese Garden

On my visit to Frederik Meijer Gardens I was able to see the Japanese Garden and it really was beautiful. This garden really stood out to me, and I was excited to see it. I have always been interested and liked looking at gardens. While walking through this garden there was so many things that stood out to me and I saw a lot of creativity. I have learned a lot about this garden from visiting it and researching it. For this paper I found it very fascinating to write about what I experienced and saw. After being able to visit the Japanese Garden I have been able to look at Dr. Becheres rules of concept, construct, and conversation. When thinking of the concept of the Japanese Garden I was able to identify what the creator wanted to address. The designer of the garden name is Hoichi Kurisu and the firm Kurisu international. The Japanese Garden was funded by Fred and Lena Meijer along with Richard and Helen Devos made a substantial leadership gift to this project. He is known for his amazing work all around the world. Kurisu International was founded in 1972, and had a different approach than most landscape design firms. The approach that this firm has is to create a garden that is inner space for inspiration and healing. They have come up with unique ways to bring art of the garden and sculpture together.
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After visiting Frederik Meijer Gardens a few times, my overall favorite thing there would have to be the Japanese Garden. This is my favorite because of the unique design, and the way it made you feel and think about things. I think that this garden will only continue to mature and it will be a focus at its venue. I can honestly say that after seeing the Japanese Garden I will forever make sure to look at plants and sculptures and see the small details that make this garden so
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