Personal Narrative: My Trip To Gallaudet

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I went on the ASL Club’s trip to Gallaudet this year. Though we had to meet early, I was very excited to experience a new place that had a culture all its own. The trip up to Gallaudet was uneventful, but the moment we arrived on campus, everything interesting. The campus was absolutely beautiful and I wanted to explore it. Before we toured the campus, we went to get food. The market was chaotic and busy, but it was amazing to see the mix of people, Deaf and not. Once we had food, we sat in the outside area, ate lunch, and mingled. This gave me time to “soak in” the fact that I was at Gallaudet. I had learned so much about it when I was little, due to the fact that I was interested in knowing about every college in the United States, and it…show more content…
Each person was extremely friendly, and they helped us through conversations. This part was hard for me, not because I did not want to chat, but because I started to feel sick. At the time I thought I had a cold, but it turned out it was the beginning of the viral pneumonia I had. I was upset that I was having trouble paying attention due to my illness, but I appreciated the kindness and concern of everyone there. Also during this meeting, I learned that I did not know as much ASL as I would like to know. I had a little trouble keeping up with the conversations and wished I knew more signs to get across what I wanted to say. Thankfully, everyone was understanding, and they slowed things down when I needed them to. Following this, my friend Taylor and I went to grab food and explore the campus on our own. It was fun to just walk around and occasionally chat with a passing student. Each person we had a conversation with was friendly, which is not usually the case at other colleges. The whole trip was incredible, and even though I was sick, I had one of the best days. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute and I am so glad that I decided to go on the trip. If the ASL club decides to do more of these trips in the future, I will definitely come
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