Personal Narrative: My Trip To Galvese Island

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Boom! The trunk of the silver chipping van slammed shut. I was so excited I could barely stay in my seat. My mom jumped into the van and started it up. Just like that, we began the outstretched journey to Brownsville, Texas. The van didn’t work, and it was cramped. Short to say, the ride there wasn’t the most enjoyable ride. Alyssa, my close friend of three years, my mom, my sister and her close friend were the ones that were coming with us to Texas. We had been so excited for months for this trip. On the way to Brownsville, we made a pitstop at Galveston. We parked next to this beautiful, warm, sandy beach, and went on the Galveston Pier. My sister had just been dying to eat at Bubba Gump’s Shrimp, which I didn’t really think was that…show more content…
It was jam packed full of people, the minority of them not entirely sober. Still, we made our way down through the crowd to the shore line. Alyssa, my mom, and I made it about waist deep into the ocean when we saw a jelly-like, see through substance float by. It was a jelly fish! It seemed harmless and it wasn’t very big. The day started to drag on, our skin got hotter, and we began to become more tired. The Texas sun while was wearing us out. We got out of the water, dried off, and left. Fighting the traffic was probably the hardest part of the vacation. Even though the traffic wasn’t good, everyday we went to a beach. We either went to South Padre, Bocka Chicka, or Port Isabel. Each one of them were beautiful, and extraordinarily relaxing. My favorite beach to go to though, was Port Isabel. The sand was a beautiful, glistening, white powder with shells buried right below the surface. The waters were clear as glass and felt like a dipg into chilling bath. While we were at that beach, we also met a dog. It was a light brown and white husky, with one dark green eye and one light baby blue eye. His name was Buddy, and he was extremely playful. Meeting that pup was probably my favorite part of the
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