Personal Narrative: My Trip To Georgia

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There is only one place that has a special meaning to me and that would definitely be my hometown of Bridgeport, Connecticut, which is about an eighteen hour drive from Georgia. When I am there, I always feel relaxed and comfortable. I was born and raised in Connecticut, but I have recently moved to Baconton, Georgia. I’ve been in Georgia for about seven years now and I most certainly love the environment. The way that I arrived here was when I and my mother took a road trip to visit my aunt in Pelham, Georgia. I was so amazed at the beautiful country setting, the warm weather in the middle of February, and the friendly people; but I was also home sick at the same time. I really enjoyed our trip and was thankful that I got to see my family, but I was ready to get back home. Upon returning from our trip, my mom started talking about moving down south. She had a number of…show more content…
The reason for the planning is because the drive is eighteen hours long and the drive can definitely get frustrating at times. It’s really frustrating when you have children in the back seat getting inpatient. I usually stop and get a room, just so the kids and I can have a great night of rest. I also like to arrive at my family’s house at a decent hour, so I won’t feel like I am being rude. I have thought about flying many times before, but I enjoy sightseeing. Driving really eases my mind for me from many things. In conclusion, I have a strong attachment to my hometown. It’s where I was born and grew up at. It’s also where I have learned some of the hardest life lessons at the worst times. My hometown seeps deep into my soul, but I’ve never resented it. I love my hometown. I always will. There are a few more places that also have a special meaning to me, but my hometown is at the top of the list. I do enjoy my current town that I now live in, but nothing will ever make me feel at home like my actual hometown
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