Personal Narrative: My Trip To Gulf Shores

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This past year, I recently took a trip to Gulf Shores, Alabama. My family decided to travel there for a week over the summer to spend time at the beach. When my parents first told me about the trip, I was not excited at all. Why were we going there? I had never heard of Gulf Shores and didn’t know what there was to do there. We left on an early Thursday morning and had a long day of travel. We flew into Pensacola, Florida and drove to Gulf Shores. When we got to our condo, I was excited to see a really large pool there. I love to swim and I couldn’t wait to jump in. After we dropped our bags off in our condo, we went down to the beach. The sand was felt warm on my toes and the air was as humid as a sauna. The ocean was as blue as the sky and the sand looked as white as snow. We didn’t spend much time on the beach before it got dark and we had to head back to our condo. I went to bed thinking about how excited I was to go back to the beach the next day. Maybe this place wouldn’t be so bad after all.…show more content…
Crash! As we walked down to the beach, I could hear the ocean waves crashing against one another. We spent all morning swimming in the ocean and relaxing in the sand. The smell of salt and seaweed filled my nose as as I layed in the sand enjoying the warm air and sunshine. While we were at the beach, we saw dolphins swimming along the coast, not far from shore. Many people watched as they swam away. I remember being so excited to see the dolphins because I had never seen them in the wild before. After spending a few more hours at the beach, my family and I went back up to swim at our condo pool. We lounged by the pool before heading back up to our condo to get ready for the evening. I was already exhausted from spending the day in the sun, but I was looking forward to going out to eat later that night and getting to explore the
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