Personal Narrative: My Trip To Hawaii

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Imagine sitting on the white sandy beaches gazing out into the beautiful blue-green water. You can hear the waves crashing against the shore, and smell the salty ocean water. Life is perfect. In my short life time of 13 years I have gone on a few vacations, but my favorite by far was a cruise in Hawaii. That trip was so amazing because I got to visit four beautiful Hawaiian islands, and experience many amazing activities. In Oahu I was able to swim with dolphins, visit Pearl Harbor, swim at the beach, and shop. After Oahu we stopped by Maui where I went snorkeling, ate at a traditional luau, and saw the sun rise from the top of an inactive volcano. That was amazing and I thought it surely couldn’t be topped, but it was when I visited the big island and Kauai. I went to a black sand beach, did amazing shopping, and went zip lining. The ziplining in Kauai was such a fun activity. When my trip finally came to a close I was reluctant to leave, but happy to have the memories of this spectacular vacation.…show more content…
Home to the capital of this beautiful state, Honolulu. My plane landed, and my family and I headed to the hotel we would be staying at for the first part of our trip. I distinctly remember feeling the warm ocean breeze hit my skin when we finally got to our hotel. The first night in Oahu we ate dinner at this beautiful restaurant on the beach. I enjoyed a delicious meal while watching the gorgeous orange and pink sky fade to black. We spent several more days in Oahu. I visited Pearl Harbor, and went swimming in the warm ocean water. After 6 days my family and I loaded the cruise ship to begin the next part of the trip. I was filled with excitement because of the anticipation for the days to
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